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Bed Bugs Pest Control Is Easier When You Call Us in Ottawa ON

Any bug that interferes with the sanctity of your home deserves what they get, and we mean that.  We are Ottawa’s best bed bugs pest control and we’ll take care of your problem quickly and effectively.  There is a reason why bed bugs are feared by so many people… because once they enter your home they are difficult to get rid of, like the uninvited guest that never leaves. 


How do bed bugs get into your home?


A bed bug infestation is not a reflection of your housekeeping skills.  They usually hitch a ride on objects or people that come into your home with good intentions.  That’s why it’s a good idea to closely inspect any hotel room you stay in, and keep your luggage away from the beds and upholstery until you’re sure there are no bugs.  Also, don’t bring used furniture into your home from an unknown source.


Where do bed bugs hide and how do you find them?


If they do still manage to gain access to your home they will likely thrive in your bed or any place you sleep.  You may notice tiny bites on the areas of your body that are exposed when you sleep, and even if you don’t-- pay attention to your bed sheets.  If you notice small rusty blood stains or little black specks you may have bed bugs.  Take a closer look at the mattress itself, they’re likely to be found within the folds, seams, or corners of the mattress or box spring. 


Getting rid of bed bugs and why it’s so difficult


The next few steps you take are important and very effective at removing the bugs themselves.  Bag, secure, and remove all bedding, clothing, and other items within 6 feet of the infected area. Thoroughly vacuum the mattress, boxspring, headboard, and carpet paying special attention to folds, creases, seams, cracks, and corners.  Bag, secure, and remove the vacuum cleaner contents immediately.  Purchase a special bed bug-proof mattress encasement and use it. 


At this stage the bugs are likely gone.  But the bigger problem is the eggs they have left behind.  A single female bed bug can lay up to a dozen eggs in a day.  The eggs are whitish in colour and are tiny and sticky.  They are likely still there, hidden in cracks and crevices, waiting to hatch and reinfect your bedroom. 


Why you should call the professionals


Our technicians can safely remove all the eggs and bugs at their various stages of development so that you’re not faced with an ongoing infestation.  We’ve been in the the bed bugs pest control business for a long time and have seen it all.  We know where to look and how to eliminate bed bugs now and in the future. 


We are Ottawa’s best pest control.  Our operators are standing by ready to answer your questions and book your appointment.


Call us today and knock out bed bugs for good. Bed Bugs Pest Control Is Easier When You Call Us in Ottawa ON call (613) 209-1880.