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How to Identify Carpenter Ants Ottawa,ON

If you are struggling with carpenter ants, there are certain things that you could do in order to get rid of them. Most people are unaware of different methods and available help in this type of a matter. This is the main reason why they often struggle with these type of ants. For any home owner or business owner it is crucial to be aware of different methods of removal available. In this article we will propose ways of getting rid of carpenter ants. That being said, lets get down to the business:

Set Up Bait

The best way to start when it comes to these types of ants is to find out whether you are dealing with ants and not termites first. There are specific things that you have to look for but the most important differentiation is that termites make noise and ants don't. Once you are sure that termites is not something that you are dealing with, it is time to find where they build their nest. You can either follow them to their nest or go through wooden pieces at your home to see for any signs. When you got all of that figured out, you will have to proceed with other thing which is to set up baits for these ants. Baits are great to do because they are effective, easy to execute, and don't cause any harm to anyone besides ants. You can purchase ant traps in almost all of the big supermarkets If you can't find it anywhere available, then order them online. They key here is to make sure that you choose a trap for carpenter type of ants and not other insects. It is easy to get confused and the bait inside of the trap doesn't work on just all of the ant traps. Once you get all of that down, it is time to put it close to the nest or at the place where ants cross a lot. When you set up the trap at the right place and even one of the ants grabs the bait, she will  bring it back home to the nest and in turn that will kill all other ants. Bait traps are powerful and should be something that you consider.

If You Still Need Help

If you are still struggling with the same problem, it might be a good idea to call for professional help. There are a lot of companies out there that can assist you. However, you should only go with the best. Our technicians have gone through very strict training in order to provide excellent services. This is the main thing that separates us from the others in the industry. Customer satisfaction and trust is what is our number one priority in this business.  We are always ready to help our customers with whatever problems they are facing. Contact us today and lets take care of your carpenter ants problem once and for all. How to Identify Carpenter Ants Ottawa,ON call (613) 209-1880 for immediate consultation.  We use unmarked trucks to remain discreet from your neighbours.

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