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Centipede Extermination and Removal Services in Ottawa, ON
centipede pest control ottawa onHouse centipedes are generally not dangerous and they can normally be controlled without involving experts. However, there may be situations when you a face full infestation especially during the wet and cold seasons during which you might require centipede removal services from the experts. Otherwise centipedes are mildly aggressive insects and you will always spot them one day and kill them on spot.

Centipede stings
Centipedes will occasionally sting if they come into close contact with the skin. But this will only happen when they are in large numbers and they gain access to places like the bedroom and get into people’s beds. Though there are no recorded fatalities of centipede stings, it still hurts and has the potential to cause other allergic reactions within the body. A centipede sting will also make the victim develop symptoms like nausea, palpitations, fever, anxiety and dizziness. Whenever you experience a centipede sting, this might be an indication of an infestation hence you should seek for centipede pest control services immediately.

How to prevent centipede infestation at home
pest control ottawa on centpedesInstead of allowing centipedes to grow in large numbers leading into a full infestation which might require professional centipede extermination services, there are other subtle methods you can use to prevent and control the infestation without the assistance of any expert.


They include the following:

  • Exterminate all household pests – centipedes feed on a number of household pests hence cutting their food source will discourage them from coming to your home.
  • Kill them on site – you should make it a habit of exterminating the centipedes on site as this is the most efficient methods of reducing their multiplication in your home. You can also use sticky traps where you have spotted them so that they get trapped immediately.
  • Keep the house dry – Centipedes thrive in wet or dump areas and this is why the closets and basements usually make a perfect home for them. Make such places dry and they won’t have a place to stay.

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